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Multi-protocol heating and cooling energy calculator AF 5000

Item number: AF5200

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Multi-protocol heating and cooling energy calculator AF 5000


  • Precise measurement of thermal energy for heating, cooling and combined heating/cooling plants
  • Interfaces to building control systems: M-Bus, LON, Modbus, N2Open
  • Plug-in calculator module
  • Data for standard cooling media with variable properties
  • Integrated power supply for flow sensor
  • Up to 2 pulse in-/outputs or 2 analogue outputs

Basic function and measuring principle A so-called ?combined? heat meter requires the following individual elements:

  • 1 x pair of temperature sensors
  • 1 x volume-metering element with pulse generator
  • 1 x transducer (counter mechanism)


Customer advantages

  • Long-term measuring stability
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for building control systems
  • Economical integration and high transparency
  • Cost savings by reverification as no electrical installation work required
  • Smallest measurement deviations also with cooling media
  • Economical installation
  • Extendable with add-on modules

Top quality heat and cooling meters for heating, air-conditioning, cooling and solar energy plants can be realised with the CALEC®ST energy calculator. The modular unit distinguishes itself by its long-term stability. Flexible communications makes it particularly interesting for integration into building management systems.

The CALEC®ST is used for energy metering in split configuration with passive impulse-generating volume-measuring elements and Pt100 or Pt500 temperature sensors in two- or four-wire version. In most cases, CALEC®ST is used with the following volume-measuring elements:

  • Multibeam meters in the range Qp 0.6 - 10 m3/h
  • Hydrometric vane in the range Qp 15 - 400 m3/h
  • Static volume-measuring elements up to Qp 400 m3/h

Choose from our wide range of volume-measuring elements. Our advisers will be pleased to help you select the right ones for your needs.

Obligatory calibration and type-approval
In most countries energy metering systems used for commercial purposes are subject to compulsory verification. The devices comprising the metering system must all possess official pattern approval. CALEC® ST has been approved according to both the european Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EG and the national PTB 7.2 directive for cooling meters. (The pattern approvals are limited to the use of water as a heat carrier.) Officially verified heat meters must be reverified before the verification period has expired. The operator is responsible for compliance with this requirement. (Re-)Verification includes all parts (temperature and flow sensors, calculator) forming the complete heat meter. The plugin calculator module considerably reduces the cost of reverification since there are no wires to be disconnected. For testing and reverification purposes a high resolution display mode as well as CALEC® Win are avaiable (as download from www.aqua-metro.com ). New: Commissioning of officially verified devices is even easier as both the pulse value and the installation side can now be programmed in situ.

Input: pulse input
Display: multifunctional display
Spannungsversorgung: 230 V AC
Protection class: IP 54
Ambient temperature: +5 ... +55°C
Installation: DIN-rail or wall mounting
Output: Standard 2 transistor output, options see price sheet
Interface: Standard M-Bus
Temperature sensor input: PT100/PT500
Dimension: 120 x 163 x 49 mm
Power supply: 230 V AC
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