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Schwebekörper-Durchflussmessgerät VA 40

Item number: VA40


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Variable area flowmeter VA 40
  • Local indication without auxiliary power
  • Adaptable to meet customers' requirements
  • Replaceable mounting parts


  • Consistently used overall length concept
  • Low loss of pressure for gas applications
  • Low maintenance
  • Optional limit switches
  • Simple installation and start-up
  • Simple float guidance
  • Shatter protection

The flowmeter operates with the principle of variable area flowmeters. A glass cone is installed in the measuring unit of VA40/45, in which a suitably formed float can move freely up and down. The flowmeter is inserted into a vertical pipeline and the medium flows through it from bottom to top. The float adjusts itself so that the buoyancy force A acting on it, the flow resistance W and its weight G are in equilibrium: G = A + W

Can be used in all industrial sectors, for example:

  • Chemical
  • Food and beverages
  • Heating,cooling, and air conditioning
  • Iron, steel and metal
  • Mining and building materials
  • Oil and gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power plants
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pulp and paper
  • Water
  • Furnace construction



  • Measuring gas
  • Burner controlling
  • Water circuits


Messkonus: Borosilikatglas
Ausgang: optional max. 2 Grenzwertgeber
Anschluss: Verschraubung G 1/2 bis G 2
Druck: 7 bis 10 bar (G1/2, G1 = 10; G1 1/2 = 9; G2 = 7)
Messbereiche: Wasser 40 ... 10000 l/h, Luft 1,5 ... 190 m³/h
Medium: Flüssigkeiten oder Gase
Prozesstemperatur: -20 °C bis +100 °C
Messgenauigkeit: 1 %
Einbaulänge: 375 mm
Zulassung: ATEX
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